Cruise Ship Activities

Visiting Port Vila On A Cruise Ship?

Visiting by Cruise Ship you need to make the most of the limited time available to you. Imagine yourself experiencing the magnificent coastline & waters of our beautiful country in an adventurous way that no one else can offer you? Book one of our tours for an unforgettable adventure here in paradise. Seeing the coastline of Efate, Vanuatu from the water is truly the best perspective available. Skip across the pristine blue waters, possibly see turtles, Dolphins, flying fish or any array of sea creatures. We offer a tour unlike any other, you can see twice as much & go twice as fast with us. Combine one of our tours with one offered by Offroad Adventures buggy tours & get to see the very best Vanuatu has to offer, all in one day, from the lush green jungle to the deep blue sea.

Enjoy an truly unforgettable experience!